Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Blackhouse Foundation's Pre-SUNDANCE Reception

The Blackhouse Foundation's 2015 Pre-Sundance Reception
 at the Writer's Guild of America East, was a triumph.
A great sendoff for Producers and Directors of Color 
 going to Sundance 2015 to debut a work.

Dolly Turner, The Turner Group and Tamir Mohammad,
Director of Content and Artist Development.
Sponsored by The Blackhouse Foundation, 
Writers Guild of America East
VDKA 6100

Stanley Nelson, Dolly Turner, Tamir Muhammad, 
Julie Walker and Kamilah Forbes.

Blackhouse Foundation works to expand opportunities
for Black filmmakers by providing a physical gathering
venue for their constituents at the worlds premiere film festivals.

Damian Benders, kollide tv and Veronique N. Doumbe
of Ndolo Films.

Duana C. Butler, New York Women in Film and Television
and Lyric R. Cabral, Co-Director of (T)error a feature documentary
at Sundance Film Festival 2015.

Producer, Directors, Kamilah Forbes, China Shaves 
and Nicole Moore.

Diane Weissmann, Julie Walker (Red Jacket)

Sergei Franklin, Director of Photography 

Darren Harris and Jasu Sims

Jacqueline Walker

Editor, Ron Mwangaguhunga and Victor G.

The Amazing Bartenders

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