Thursday, January 22, 2015

Up & DOWN - MILK MADE Party @ No.8

The Up and Down, Milk Made Party at No. 8 
Wednesday, January 21, 2015 sponsored by SVEDKA 
"Move over Goldfinger and tell Ole Midas the news." 
The party featured music by DJ Quest Love 
and performances by Jane Jupiter and Kid Sister

DJ Quest Love mobbed by adoring fans at No.8

357 West 16th street, NYC.

Kelly Phoenix, actress, model and CEO of Phoenix Vogue Ltd.

This just in, she's also President of Bonnet Couture.

The movers and shakers partied well into the morning.

Omar, CEO, Designer and Creator of 1726 Clothing.

The Great and fearless Bartender, Arial.

The Lovely and talented reporter for THZ, Samira Gibson.

Charles, Head of Security

"How about a smile?"

"There's a whole lot of  things that I've never done
but I ain't ever had too much fun!"

"There you go.... I'll take it!"

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