Wednesday, November 30, 2016

TAVERNA 97 St. Mark's Place NYC

TAVERNA 97 is a new Portuguese Cuisine Restaurant
Opening to the Public Wednesday, November 30, 2016
Featuring "Sea and Land" delicacies of Portugal and the Algarve.
 Authentic Portuguese wine and beer are served.

TAVERNA 97 St. Mark's Place, East Village, NYC

TAVERNA 97 is owned by sister's, Raquel and Patricia Sanguedo,
 and Patricia's husband, Eric Baker the designer of the establishment.

 Simple delicious and moderately priced food in a comfortable, 
Mediterranean style ambiance.

The Shrimp Alio (Garlic Shrimp) was my absolute favorite dish.

For meat eaters there's a variety of Meat dishes,
Steak sandwich with a Manchego-like Goat cheese,
Portuguese Chourico assado and may more.

Raquel Sanguedo

A fine selection of White and Red wines from Portugal 
as well as Beer.

Friday, November 25, 2016

AXIOM Paintings @ 511 Gallery

511 Gallery Presents AXIOM
The first solo exhibition of paintings by David Gaither.
Gaither is a self taught artist-painter from Mableton, Georgia.
A meticulous creation of figurative, color hieroglyphs in geometric form. 
Through December 5, 2016

511 GALLERY, 232 7th Avenue, 12J, NYC 212-255-2885

Artist, David Gaither and friends.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

LADADA2 @ Van Der Plas Gallery

LA DADA 2 @ Van Der Plas Gallery
If you've followed East Village Art back in the day you
should be familiar with Shalom Neuman, Konstantin Bokov
and Kevin Wendall. These artists have endured over the years
and their work is a tribute to their tenacity, humor and creativity.

VAN DER PLAS Gallery, 156 Orchard street, NYC.

Shalom Neuman's talking heads are constructed from found objects,
mostly broken kid's toys. Shalom was part of the Rivington school,
welding found objects together and displaying them 
in Sculpture gardens and galleries. At the same time Shalom
was currating the Fusion Art Gallery and Museum at 56 Stanton
street in the Lower East Side.

Shalom Neuman

"Talking Heads" by Shalom Neuman have a switch that turns
on a recorder in the Head Box that talks.

Shalom Neuman

Shalom Neuman

Shalom Neuman

Konstantin Bokov's known for Caricatures and Outsider Art. 
He has been part of group shows in London, Paris, Holland, Berlin 
and Japan. As well as the Morin Miller Gallery on 57th street,
the Grant Gallery in Soho and the Monique Goldstrum Gallery
in Chelsea, New York.

Konstantin Bokov

Konstantin Bokov

Konstantin Bokov

Konstantin Bokov

Konstantin Bokov

Konstantin Bokov

Kevin Wendall's career started in New York as well,
making him a viable third part candidate for this significant Triad.
A well known graffitti artist in the 70's and 80's who creatively
disfigured billboards and advertisements, scraping out letters to give
them new meanings. He's been awarded the Findland Travel Grant and
eventually ended up in a studio in Dusseldorf, Germany. 

Kevin Wendall