Wednesday, December 19, 2012

BTA @ Dorian Grey Gallery & Liebeskind Berlin

Billy the Artist, better known as BTA currently has an exhibition
at Dorian Grey Gallery, December 3, 2012 - January 19, 2013.
Please join Urban Pop Artist BTA Billy on Wednesday, January 16th,
6-9 PM, at Dorian Grey, Billy will be discussing his recent paintings.

This installation is from Billy's Urban Primitive Pop and "Shanghai Period".
Dorian Grey Gallery, 437  E. 9th Street, NYC.

Billy the artist at his reception.

Christopher Pusey, Luis Accorsi and Liz Bolger.

The Photograher's.

Petra Gehrung and Wally.

Petra, Mark Birnbaum and Wally, meanwhile... 
Wally's  thinking, "I'm getting a sip of that beer".

LIEBESKIND Berlin, Holiday Party, December 18, 2012
276 Laffayette Street, NYC

The Party was highlighted by a performance by Kate Nauta.
Katie is an American fashion model, actress and singer.

Your humble narrator with Kate Nauta.

A truly lovely spirit, super model Grace Bol.


Andrea Lisa Werner

Tallahassee Idlewild

Thursday, December 13, 2012

NYLON MAG'S POP-UP SHOP December 13, 2012

The Downtown Party-set was hopping Tuesday night, for the NYLON
POP-UP SHOP Party, at 72 Gansevoort street, NYC.
It featured SMASHBOX makeovers for the Ladies, drinks, snacks
and cup-cakes for all. 

The POP UP SHOP continues tonight December 13,2012.

NYLON'S new issue features a great article with John Krasinski.

Jaclynn Jarrett and Marvin Scott Jarrett of NYLON guys.

The Best Dressed "IT LIST".

Mitzu Tsuchiya is the men's market editor.

Dan the Taylor and Yours Truly.

Jenna Shapiro

Juvenal Lopez and TC.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

CHIVAS 1801 Club, Victorinox and Dolce Vita

Monday, November 26, 2012
CHIVAS 1801 Club, tasting campaign was concluded.
The week long series of events was a regal success.
CHIVAS 1801 Club, 137 East 55th Street, NYC.

Checking in process was smooth and easy,
with the "plastic Chivas cards" provided at entry.

John Cabarga toasting with Peter Karras,
MNYC Market CHIVAS Brand Ambassador.

We started with the 18 year old.

Peter Karras
recounting the "bench marks" and 
rigorous processes, that goes into the CHIVAS 25.

We soon moved up to the 25 year old, exquisite!

Victorinox New Store at 99 Wooster street,
Soho, New York.

Keeping in the original tradition,
great Swiss Army Watches.

James Weth is the new store Manager.

 Gregory Moss with store Manager James Weth.
Sponsor, NYLON Magazine with Green Day.

Dolce Vita had their awesome Holiday Party 
last night, November 28, at the Puck Building.

The open bar had my favorite Single malt, Whiskey.

Ron and Juvenal enjoying their libations.

Teressa and John were very happy.

Photographer Bob Van Lindt.

 Photo of the Editor by Bob Van Lindt.

Performing Friday, November 30th at "The Art Party"
72 Franklin Street, 3rd floor, between 8-11 PM.