Friday, April 15, 2016

The GLENLIVET'S Nights of Passage @ Hudson Mercantile

Nights of Passage was an exclusive world class guided tour 
of the Glenlivet Single Malt Whisky at Hudson Mercantile.
500 West 36th street, New York City, New York 10018

Attendees were first treated to signature cocktails of their 12 year
expression, along with pairings of Smoked Salmon on a savory cone
and other gastronomical delights.

Soon it was time to be seated and Master of Scotch, Rick Edwards 
our Brand Ambassador for the night took the stage. 
We listened intently and began by smelling the aromas that make up 
the bouquet, spice and flavors of Glenlivet's unique single malts.

It was immensely interesting learning the complex and laborious
way Glenlivet has cultivated their renown expressions of single malts.
Of course best of all was tasting these fine aged single malts.

Dear Glenlivet, If it's not asking too much, I'd like his job?
David Barish

The Glenlivet Nadura is aged in first fill Sherry casks,