Friday, August 28, 2015


Brit Pack Theater is the brain-child of comedians, Lukas Kaiser,
and Hof Matthews, his comedic partner. The two comics have
created a "Speak-Easy Comedy Central" out of their living room.
It was and still remains, a by invitation only comedy event.
The New Brit Pack Theater is at 34 Pell street, in the heart 
of China Town. They call it HP5000, why? you may ask. 
Who knows I haven't been able to get a straight answer yet!
Their wise-guy-geeky-hipster, style is disarmingly funny.
A definite must see and for the moment it's free.

Hof Matthews and Lukas Kaiser

Friday, August 14, 2015 I attended a show with
Jimmy LeChase doing a smooth, well delivered, warm-up.

Comedian, Jimmy LeChase

Then came the antics of Lukas and Hof's, "opening bits."
Kaiser and Matthews have honed playing off each other
remarkably well and can ad-lib at the drop of a hat.
Whatever shtick their up to the "Fake Brothers" as their
sometimes referred too, will have you waiting for more.

9/1/15  Up-date: Saturday, September 5th at 9 PM
A new show scheduled email: BRITPACKRENTALS@GMAIL.COM
with TOPANGA SEPTEMBER in the subject line.

The duo has assembled a rotating, ensemble of notable comedians. 
On hand that night was raucous, comedian, Chris Lamberth.

Chris Lamberth

Lukas back up to introduce the next act.

Comedian Katie Hannigan, 
unleashed her clever feminine, wiles without remorse. 

Lukas Kaiser came up for his solo and an introduction.

Comic, Jaron Young had the crowd whooping!

Jaron Young

Comedian, Nat Towsen

Nat Towsen, 
tickled the inner brain with his existential humor.

"Smart Alec" Rell Battle had us going!

We loved his facial expressions.

Rell Battle

Hof Matthews returned to do his solo monologue,
to an appreciative audience.

Funnyman, Aaron Glaser had the crowd clapping before 
it was over.

Lukas and Hof to bid us a fond farewell.

A good night!