Friday, December 13, 2013


CUNY Queens College MFA Exhibition 2013,
This event took place March 23 - April 2nd 2013, the edited
photos were lost and subsequently just found.
Without any further adieu, here is some of that Exhibition.

Pablo Alvarez, Jonah and the Leviathan, 2012 Collage 36.50" x 62"

This exhibition recognizes and highlights the distinct
bodies of work that each artist has developed over
the course of their time at Queens College.

Artist, Pablo Alvarez

Kristie Hirten, Swimming Pool Alphabet 2012 
Gouche on Paper 41.5"x 44"

A.Coffey, Bathroom Interior 2012-13 Oil on canvass 42"x108"

Kristie Hirten

A.Coffey Bthroom Interior

Lauren Nickou, Gray_01 Acrylic and silicone on canvass 16"x 12"

Marthe Keller, Jelly Belly (206:36) 2012 14"Acrylic on foam rubber 
14.25"x 14"

Thea Lanzisero, Wedge 2012 Wood, burlap, soil, plants

Henry Kielmanowicz, Untitled mutations from industrial tiles 2013
Recycled glass, resin, 32"x 46"

Seth Aylmer, Eagle from Corona Plaza 2013 Wood on wax

The Glackens and friend