Monday, March 25, 2013

The Big British Invite

Opening reception Hosted by Dan Stevens and Estelle
Kicked Off A Two-Day Interactive Pop-Up on Saturday, March 23 
and Sunday, March 24 Showcasing What's Now and Next in England, 
Scotland and Whales.

British Airways and VisitBritain Team Up for "The Big British Invite"
to Inspire Travel to Britain. 

The London Candy Company, showcased an installation of Edible British Landmarks.

Sanderson, brought it's decadent Mad Hatters Tea to Manhattan.
"Tea and Crumpets, anyone?" 

Embark on an Ultimate Flight of Fancy.

For Cheese connoisseurs there was a delectable,
variety of Cheeses from Whales to temp the palate.
Caerphilly, Collier's Cheddar and Red Dragon. 

Highlands NYC whipped up delicious dishes, highlighting the 
cuisine's of Scotland. 

At the Arrivals Lounge, passengers relaxed with Wine and Beer,
or a glass of 12 year old Scotch, Compliments of Chivas Regal.
Fluid Movement shook things up with cocktails of Beefeater 24.

Inspired by the sartorial leanings of Rock legends,
such as Malcolm McLaren and the Sex Pistols,
a homage to Punk fashion featuring the styles popularized in the 70's.

For the fashion conscious, luxury retailer Liberty London,
 hosted scarf styling sessions.

WAH Nails, East London's first style centric nail bar offered the ladies manicures.

"I had to try it, no nail polish please!"

 Pan Asian Dumplings, chicken and vegitarian were on the Pre-Flight Menu.

British Airways, offers First Class Luxury.

"Now this is how to fly, I only wish I was going somewhere."


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Arion Trio @ Flanders House

Flanders House hosts a virtuoso, classical concert by the Arion Trio.
Friday, March 15, 2013, New York City.

Arion Trio
Mickail Bezverkhni - Violin, Sergio Agreda De Ro - Viola,
Stefaan Bataille - Cello.

Flanders House is the Cultural Mission of the Government of Flanders,
Belgium to the U.S. It is located at 620 Eighth Avenue,
 44th floor of the New York Times building.
They sponsor cultural events of Art, Films, Classical, and Jazz music.
They offer the Public the best of Belgium's finest, gastronomical delights.
Open to the Public by Appointment.

The Program

F. Schubert: string trio No.1 in B flat Major D471
S. Bataille: string trio No.1 "My Prayer"
L.Van Beethoven: Adagio string trio in C minor, Op. 9 No. 3
S. Bataille: string trio No. 2, "Styx"

The Arion Trio were joined by Luc Deneys, Master Luthier.
They are in NYC to attend, Mondomusica New York, the world's leading exhibition of handcrafted musical instruments. 
( at Metropolitan Pavilion, March 15 - 17, 2013 )

Luc Deneys, Master Luthier, maker of fine instruments.

Flanders House has an impressive vista of the NYC skyline.

Frederick and Mr. Kris Dierckx, Speaker for Flanders House.

Hilde Platinck, Flanders House Office Manager and fellow staff member.

The Flanders House staff, Francis, Ruben Vanden Berghe
and Francoise, treated myself and all the attendees like Royalty.
Thank you Flanders House.

Map of Flanders, Belgium.