Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Vina Croatia 2013 & Dorian Grey Gallery

The Astor Center hosted Vina Croatia the 2nd Annual Portfolio Wine Tasting.
The connoisseur event took place Tuesday, February 26, 2013, 11 AM - 5 PM.

Astor Center, 399 Lafayette street, NYC.

Producer, host, Ashley Colburn poured the Franc Arman Wine.

Gino Colangelo, President of Colangelo Public Relations.

Bruno Trapan, winemaker, TRAPAN Winery, Croatia.

One of my favorite white wines at Vina Croatia was the Grasevina, Principovac.

Dorian Grey Gallery, 437 E. 9th street, NYC.

Dorian Grey Gallery showcased "Indugences" recent paintings 
of Walter Robinson.

Walter Robinson

Mary, Billy the Artist and friend.

The Rambling Boys of Pleasure, David Barish and Ragtime pianist, 
Mark Birnbaum.

Walter Robinson and friend.

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