Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Juan Carlos Pinto @ Le Salon

Le Salon is featuring works of "Metrocard Artist" Juan Carlos Pinto.
The Guatemalan born artist has been "Recycling" NYC Metrocards into
portraits of iconic personalities, living and deceased for the last twelve years.
Cornell West, Angelina Jollie, Tupac, Martin Luther King and Allen Ginsberg.
Le Salon is located in Lower East Side at 90 Stanton street, NYC.
Ray Charles Metrocard Portrait.
The Artist, Juan Carlos Pinto and Myself.
"The Metro Warhol" sold for a staggering, undisclosed amount.
It was a packed house of friends, fans and passer-buyers at Le Salon.
Art Curator Frankie Velez was there to support Pinto.

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