Tuesday, January 13, 2015

o9 Solutions Winter Soiree with Music by Grace Weber

The Software Savant, Sanjiv Sidhu of o9 Solutions,
Integrated Planning and Performance Management.
Host a Winter Soiree at the Rose Room at The Garmercy Park
Hotel, Sunday, January 9, 2015.

Sanjiv Sidhu

Market Intelligence, mPower makes integrated business plan
smart, simple and fun.

Entrepreneurs, Tiffany Gaines, Navriti and Clair.

Sanjiv, spoke briefly and eloquently, with a meditative quality that relaxed
and invigorated the audience at the Rose Room. 

Jennifer, Marketing Manager o0 Solutions

Gastronomical delights abounded, Braised Spicy Shrimp, yum.

Highlight Music performance by The Grace Weber Band.

Grace Weber sang with a down home quality 
  band members provided some wonderful harmonies and
musical accompaniment.


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