Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Peter O' Kennedy @ Mad Dooley Gallery

Mad Dooley Gallery, is proud to present Peter O'Kennedy's ON And ON
Photographs, installation and streaming video works. 
September 21st - October 20, 2013

Mad Dooley Gallery, 197 Main street, Beacon NY.

Peter O'Kennedy relocated from Dublin, Ireland to Beacon, NY in 2013.
O'Kennedy's work includes sculpture, video, installation, performance 
and photography.

PIG/GIRL (2013) 

Exterior window, a pig turns on a spit; while a little girl
swings on her swing, ambient sounds from both combine into one.

Guides (2013) Installation 
A number of identical devices wander randomly around the gallery,
colliding gently with one another, people and the gallery walls.

Photographer, Daniel Aubry and Designer, Louise Crandle 
were ecstatic to see me.

Louise Crandle and Peter O'Kennedy

Architectural Designer, Clodagh, Jeanne Demers and Aisling Law

Editor, Valerie Aubry and myself.

Each device hosts the voice of a contemporary philosopher 
reminiscing, telling stories and philosophizing, 
interrupted regularly by a second insistent voice.

Fia Stuart and baby.

Mowing Cricky's House (2012) A video of a man mowing a lawn.

Clodagh and friend.

A happy and elated gallery denizen.

Jeanne Demers and friend.

The discerning and stoic, gallery denizen.

Fia Stuart, baby and husband, Peter O'Kennedy.

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