Monday, September 9, 2013


Sacred Gallery presents, Brian Kirhagis Surreal Paintings.
September 5th - October 31, 2013

Sacred Gallery, 424 Broadway, 2nd floor, NYC.

Sacred Gallery NYC is pleased to present a body of work
two years in the making, in which the artist has taken some of Dali's
iconic paintings and injected them with elements of modern culture.
Kirhagis touches upon media, technology and uses images of the American 
Urban landscape, instead of Spain and the Mediterranean coast.

"What if Dali was born in 1983 instead of 1904?

Brian Kirhagis with Mom, family and friends, Thursday, September 4, 2013.

This modern adaptation of Dali's work was one of my favorites.

Kirhagis shows an innate style of painting and a sense of humor.

It was a varied crowd of friends, family, collectors and art enthusiasts.

Frankie Velez

Renown photographer, Bob Gruen and his wife.

Artists, Juan Carlos Pinto, Steve Jacinto Torres with yours truly.

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