Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Saturday, August 31, 2013 
GUINNESS hosts, "GUINNESS LIVE IT UP" at Sander's Studios.
The event celebrated Caribbean Culture, in no better place than Brooklyn.

 Guinness is proud to support the work of Carreer Gear.
A charity helping the Urban communities get jobs, since 1999.

Art installations on both floors, Painter: Andre Wooley, 
Photographers: Kwesi Abbensetts, Mambu Baych, Bayette Ross Smith
and Artisan: Inlvibez.

 Andre Wooley, painting.

Gabriella, Press Charge d' Affairs.

Food Village shout out Footprints, Kombit and Melanie's.

Guinness Crew member, Sheila.

Tammy and Shanna

Stephanie in the House!

Anita and the other amazing Bartender's took great care of us.

Andre Wooley's, P. Diddy.

Kwesi Abbensetts, photographic work.

Photographer, Kwesi Abbensetts

Photographer, Viola Parris.

Interactive Games

Victor Gutierrez and Charles, the sound man, in the VIP area.

Elba, the Jaws fan!

STUMPY'S Restaurant, provided Jerk Chicken, Fried Fish,
Salad and Fresh Fruit to the Entertainment and Media.

Johnny D. and the Video Lady.

Victor G. and Leonce.

The Lovely Leonce and your humble editor at large.

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