Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thorn Tree Project, A Benefit for Samburu Tribe.

Designers, photograpers, artists and New Yorkers, came out to support
Clodagh Design, Tucker Robins, Jane Nueman and Daniel Aubry for the 10th
Year Anniversary of the Thorn Tree Project. The aim of the project is to raise money and awareness, for the Samburu Tribe in Kenya.

New York merchants, artists and the patrons, graciously donated works,
clothing, food and wine for the Silent Auction, which took place at Skylight
Studios, 500 West 36th street, NYC, on May 3rd, 2012.

                   Great deals were to be found of all shapes and sizes.

Clodagh asked guests to buy generously for the project.

Clothing Designer, Rebecca Minkoff and Clodagh.

Jane Nueman of Thorn Tree Project.

Daniel Aubry and Tucker Robins selling Camels, which go to the Tribe.
 Camels give 8 times more milk than a cow, a 25 kilo bag of Unimix that will feed one child breakfast every day for a whole year, or maybe a desk, mosquito net or set of reading books. And this year you can choose a student to sponsor through high school at one fortieth of the cost in NY.

Volunteers donated their time and energy for the event.

Items made by the tribe were also for sale and on display.

The Unimix woman sold bags of ready mix Cornsoy cereal.

Clodagh auctioned her consulting services as well.

Chloe Pang of The Hat Shop, came by to say hello.

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