Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Alegba and Carlos Pinto - Music & Art Carnaval

He does Haitian roots music, 
plays percussion and Reggae Bass.
Alegba and his associates brought their brand of Carnaval, cabaret to Capitale on the Bowery. The celebration, Michael Capponi's 40th Birthday and
 JACMEL, "Haiti Then, Now and Future" an Art Benefit.

Capitale on the Bowery.

Alegba commissioned muralist, Juan Carlos Pinto to create giant masks, for the Carnaval event.

Juan Carlos, assembled a team of artists, they make art individually and collaboratively.
The team created six huge colorful animal masks.
The Masks were light enough to dance.
 Alegba & friends dance troupe in the Green Room.

Meanwhile on the main floor of Capitale a Silent Auction was taking place.

The Silent Auction was to Benefit Haitian Relief Fund. 

Lashonda carried and danced with a mask.

King Basil, on the Grand promenade onto the Dance floor of Capitale.

Robin Thompson participated in the Dance festivities.

Alegba on the dance floor, 
playing percussion and leading the troupe.
Alegba and friends, Haitian Roots Music, 
for all occasions. 917 204 8754 

Lashonda and Juan Carlos Pinto.

Juan Carlos Pinto,
painter, muralist, aka the "Metro-card Artist", 
will participate in a group show on June 1st.
The exhibition's at CRE8, 56 Bogart street,
in Brooklyn, 6-9pm.
"carlos pinto" <>

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