Saturday, May 19, 2012

Asian Art Piers - Fables & Theatreality

Asian Art Piers dishes up Fables & Theatreality.
A duo exhibition featuring works by Zheng Hongxiang and Mu Lei.
April 26th through June 9th 2012.

As an artist born in China, in the 1980's Zheng takes an intellectual and imaginative model for understanding and interpreting the contemporary society
in all it's aspects. His work offers an in depth look at the existential paradox and
explores the dichotomy and dynamics between the inividual and society.

The overall color palette is based on scarlet red and variations of greys,
                exuding a mixed sense of both tension and passion.

                                                            Mu Lei

Born in China in 1984, Mu Lei represents a generation growing up in under the
ever increased influence of western consumerism. His artistic approach stands out as a departure from the cultural attitude of his predecessors in prior art movements. 

In the diptych Bad Girl, the female protagonist assumes the role of a stylishly polished yet blaséyoung woman. Between her delicate full lush lips a slim cigarette of which three puffs of Chinese lucky clouds slowly twirl upwards.
Annoyed or disturbed about the coexistence of the mirror self.

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