Wednesday, February 1, 2017

#MusicMondays @YouTubeSpaceNY

You Tube at Chelsea Market, 75 Ninth Avenue, NYC.

Queue's Olivia and Ida at You Tube Space NYC.

Queue performed quite nicely, melodic songs, good vocals,
and quirky guitar arrangements of their original material.

Queue's Olivia, vocals, guitar and keyboards,
Ida, vocals, lead-guitar.

Melo Makes Music 
this Chicago Rapper brought his beats to You Tube and shook
things up "old school"  with a real drummer.

Melo came with the beats and the audience dug it!

STRO brought his A game of "free-style" rap to You Tube.

A young blood from Brooklyn showed of his def capacity.

STRO chatting with the audience breaking up the beats,
had everybody in the palm of his hand.

Yo, STRO tore up the House that You Tube built!

Jeff B, STRO and Ron M

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