Tuesday, January 24, 2017

SUNTORY The Art of Japanese Whisky

 A Japanese brewing and distilling company group.
Established in 1899, it is one of the oldest in the distribution
of alcoholic beverages in Japan and makers of fine Japanese Whisky.

Yamazaki 12 year is SUNTORY's flagship single malt,
multi-layered with fruit and Mizunara Oak aromas.
"The Pioneer of Japanese Whisky"

This excellent expression rivals The Macallan.
These rare expressions are now available at the Astor Center.

Hiroyuki Hayakawa, 
Director of Corporate planning, SUNTORY.

Hakushu 12 year "The Verdant Japanese Whisky"
From SUNTORY's mountain distillery, nestled deep in 
Mt. Kaikomagatake. Hakashu is a gently smoky single malt
whisky with herbal notes.

 "The Harmony of Japanese Nature and Craftsmanship"
This is a harmonious blend that resounds with calm complexity.

"The Vivid Harmony Where Old Meets New"
Toki means Time the House of Suntory's innovative spirit
creates blended Japanese whisky that is both groundbreaking
and timeless.

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