Friday, July 22, 2016

KUBERNETES Birthday Celebration 2016

Kubernetes celebrates 
it's one year anniversary of Kubernetes 10's
release with an amazing "birthday party" at Work Bench
110 Fifth Avenue, New York City on July 21, 2016
Lightning talk speakers that included Google, Red Hat, 
CoreOS, Apprenda, DataDog and StackPointCloud.

Kubernetes is about Google Developer and Technology Group
Google Cloud Platform - Open Source - Cloud Computing - Containers
PasS (platforms as a service) IasS (infrastcructure as a service) 

Meetup Organizers: Sean Ludwig and Chris Guan

Brian Suk, Solutions Engineer - Google
Josh Woods, CoreOS, DocOps
Greg Swec, Director of Financial Services- Univa Corp 
Joseph Jacks, Apprenda, Director and co-founder 
Diogenes Pettori, Proncipal Product Manager- Red Hat 
Ilan Rabinovitch, Data Dog - Technical Community Director 
Ariel Jatib, Technical Community Organizer, StackPointCloud

Joseph Jacks, Apprenda, Director & Kismatic co-founder.

Launched in June of 2014 Kubernetes velocity continues.

Diogenes Pettori, Principal Product Manager - Red Hat

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