Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Raise The Macallan!
An Interactive Private Tasting Event
Hosted at the Altman Building - April 23 -30, 2016
135 West 18th street, NYC.

Craig Bridger Brand Ambassador and Master of Ceremony.
Gave us an intimate glimpse into the distinguished world of
 The Macallan's Twelve, Fifteen and Eighteen year old expressions.

We inhaled and savored the distinct aromas, with flavors that make up the unique Macallan bouquet. Spices, oak and Sherry essence of the 
18 year single malt expression. Exclusively matured in selective 
Sherry Oak Casks from Jerez Spain.

Founded in 1824 that makes them 192 years old.
An extremely Rare Single Malt Scotch Expression.

Craig Bridges delivered a concise and well articulated
presentation into the diverse and time honored discipline
in the creation of fine Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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