Thursday, May 19, 2016


The Butter Group, 1*OAK and EMIRG Media
Presented the Event Planner Open House
at the always fashionable Up & Down, May 18, 2016
244 West 14th street, NYC.

The Butter Group is a collective of business leaders, restaurateurs
and nightlife impresarios lead by the groups owner Richie Akiva 
and long-time business associate Ronnie Nadra. Co-Sponsored
with 1*OAK, Up & Down and EMIRG Media.

The Event featured the Blue Jazz styles of Acute Inflections.
Acute Infections are Elasea on vocals and Sadiki on Bass Fiddle.
This dynamic duo sang and played flawlessly with impeccable taste.


Acute Infections Sadiki and Elasea

The lavish Up & Down event also featured an Open Bar and 
arrays delicious Hors D'oeuvres, catered by Iron Chef
Alex Guarnaschelli of Butter Midtown.

My favorite of the night was the Ben & Jerry's cart,
thank you Butter Group.

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