Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Breads & Spreads @ Long Island City Flea Market

On Sunday, April 26, 2015 I rode my bicycle 
over the 59th street bridge to Long Island City.
It was a beautiful day and I had been invited by my
 entrepreneurial friend Ottilie Pape to her new enterprise.
It's called, "Breads & Spreads" and she makes all
the spreads from scratch, with love and all natural ingedients.
So with my bike on hand I made my way up 1st Avenue
 all the way to 59th Street Bridge, while singing... 

"Slowdown you move too fast. 
You got to make the morning last. 
Just kicking down the cobble stones.
Looking for fun and feeling groovy."

So of course I had to stop and take in the view and enjoy the 
majestic feeling you get while crossing this grand old historic bridge.

After an enjoyable vigorous ride and a few wrong turns, 
I finally arrived.

Long Island City Flea & Food Market, 5-25  46th Avenue, LIC

Ottilie was quite happy to see me and showed 
new me to her delicious line of Breads and Spreads.

Red Beets and Onions- topped with fresh dill - Classic Deliciousness 
Green Peas and Parsley - Fresh Green Delight
Carrots and Coconut - Savory yet sweet surprise 
Curried Cauliflower - Eat your Veggies!
Spicy Carrot Hummus - Classic and Carrots with a kick
Apple and Onion Schmatz - A German Delicacy
I tried them all and they were scrumptious.
The only one I omitted was the Schmaltz but it was 
a big seller while I was there. 

Breads and Spreads is created for the foodie-on-the-go:
sumptuous spreads on artisan whole-wheat breads,
ready to go for an accident free indulgence.

The Snack Pack is available with four classic spreads.

Ottilie Uta Pape - A World Class Lady

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