Friday, November 8, 2013


TWELV MAGAZINE celebrated their fourth Issue Party.
The event took place at the VIP Room, November 7, 2013
It featured DJ Kei, DJ Benny Paulino and a four hour open bar.

"Muse is the theme of the fourth issue of TWELV.
When I notice someone's outer beauty, it is usually the eyes
and energy that emits from them that captivate me." Hissa Igarashi

Hissa Igarashi, Editor in Chief of TWELV Magazine.

Creative Director of East Village Live, David Barish.

Spinning the music DJ Kei, DJ Benny Paulino.

Iman, Chelsea and Melanie "Noir" Rodriguez.

Isabella and Midori.

Kate and Jane.

Midori and Yours truly, thank you TWELV Mag.

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