Tuesday, November 5, 2013

"COMPELLING PEOPLE" by John Neffinger & Mathew Kohut

A Launch Party to celebrate a New Book Compelling People.
By first time authors and progressive thinkers, John Neffinger 
and Mathew Kohut.

The party took place at the home of Andrew Cummins, 
at 287 Lafayette street, NYC.

The event was planned by a collective group of the authors friends.
David Ambrose, Michelle Manning Barish, Laura Dawn, Sarah Hansen,
IIyse Hogue, Sally Kohn, Brina Milikowsky, Kathryn Minshew, Daron Murphy,
Eli Pariser and Rachael Sklar.

John Neffinger and Mathew Kohut

Friends of the Authors, Andrea and Katlin.

Sam and Kelly

Georgette and friend


Suzie Wu

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