Thursday, October 10, 2013


The Chapin Sisters performed Monday, October 8, 2013
at Chez Andre, at the Standard Hotel to a packed house.
The Sister's set included original, traditional and early Rock and Roll
music made popular by the renown and beloved, Everly Brothers.

The performance coincides with the release of their new CD
'A Date With the Everly Brothers' a brilliant listen, get a copy today.

Chez Andre, 25 Cooper Square, on the Bowery.

Madame of Ceremony at the Standard's Chez Andre, Annie Ohayon.

The Chapin Sister's are Abigail Chapin, vocals and guitar.

Lily Chapin, vocals, guitar and Banjo.

An enchanting blend of Bluegrass, Folk and Rock N' Roll.

The Chapins were in perfect and sustained harmony.

Congratulating Lily Chapin on a well done performance.

"That's all folks!"

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Irishangel said...

Such talent, always a brilliant show. The Chapin Sisters sparkle, and leave the audience wanting more.