Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Paul Meyer Shoe Kick Off

Paul Meyer and Jeff Levy kicked off a shoe show with attitude last night.
Signature Cocktails and Canapes were served by Grape and Vine,
Cocktails designed by Paul Meyer, June 3, 2013.

Jade Hotel, 52 West 13th street, NYC.

It was a full but not to capacity crowd at Jade Hotel,
for the Kick-off of Paul Meyer's Ladies Summer shoe line.

The Shoe and Cocktail Designer Himself, Paul Meyer.

Designer Ella Mc Hugh was in attendance, looking lovely.

Erica Roseman and Christina Columbino of Company Agenda.

 Jonathan Stein, Manager at GRAPE and VINE Restaurant Bar 
@ Jade Hotel 52 West 13th street, NYC.

Charlotte and Anne were in the House.

Ellaina and the staff at GRAPE and Vine were fabulous. 

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