Thursday, June 23, 2016


The Pulitzer Prize Photography at Parsons School of Design
 Annually awarded for Journalism and Breaking News Photography.
Presented by Eddie Adams Workshop at the John L. Tishman 
Auditorium 93 Fifth Avenue, NYC.

The 2016 $10,000 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography
was awarded to Jessica Rinaldi of The Boston Globe.

Jessica Rinaldi

The raw revealing story of a boy who strives to find
his footing after abuse by those he trusted.

Old Glory Goes Up on Mt.Suribachi, Iwo Jima, photo
by Joe Rosenthal-used a 4x5 Graphic Speed camera 
loaded with Agfa 4x5 film pack.

The Napalm Girl of Trangbang, by Nic Ut. 
Nine year old Vietnamese, Kim Phuc, center, runs with her brothers
and cousins down Rt. 1 near Tran Bang after a South Vietnamese
plane accidentally dropped flaming Napalm on it's own troops.

1937 Hindenburg Disaster, Corbis

Joseph Pulitzer, Publisher, Philanthropist, Journalist,
Lawyer. 1847-1911 He was worth 30 Million at the time 
of his death.

1949 Babe Ruth Bows Out by Nat Fein

1969 Saigon Execution, by Eddie Adams

November 24, !963 Oswald Shot, by Robert H. Jackson

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