Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Rivington Guitrars and Rivington Guitars Unplugged
are two "must see, stop and play" music stores. Specifically geared for the
discerning guitar player-musician. Since 1988 they've come to be known as
"The Best Little Guitar Store in New York City."
It's a reputation they've earned because they specialize 
in vintage instruments of every variety.

Rivington Guitars Unplugged, 67 East 4th street, NYC.

Rivington Guitars, 73 East 4th street, NYC.

Neal Winkowski is the Luthier-Tech-man at Rivington Guitars.
Neal is ""well versed" in the repair and maintenance of a variety
instruments and maintains all of the instruments at Rivington.

Neal Winkowski fine tuning a renegade fret on my mandolin.

 Luthier Neal Winkowski and Proprietor Howie Statland of Rivington Guitars.
Howie who is a featured participant for the Vintage Guitar Price Guide.
Statland is one of 25 select guitar dealers throughout the USA
who helps determine the values for the Vintage Guitar Price Guide.
They both also featured on my East Village Live, blog post.

 67 East 4th street ( between 2nd + 3rd Ave ) NYC.

73 East 4th street ( between 2nd + 3rd Ave ) NYC.

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