Friday, July 3, 2015

Comedy Night @ YouTube Space NY

An Epic Comedy night was had
 at the YouTube Space NY with Barely Political.
It was  better than advertised, "only for (Im)mature audiences."
June 30, 2015

Barely Political and friends, featuring a variety show
of song, dance and standup with food, booze and more.

YouTube Space NY, 75 Ninth Avenue, NYC.

 Todd Womack had the audience craving for more,
and MC'd the whole night long.

Barely Political (productions) team of Todd Womack and
Mark Douglas were a great combination of personalities.

Abbie Crutchfield took the stage.

 Crutchfield had us all in the palm of her hand until 
she walked off stage to a rousing applause.

Mike Birch was hysterical and we loved his rants.

"Has anybody seen my daughter, she's got a piercing in her
nose, green hair and I have a feeling she's out there, HONEY!
Where are YOU?"

Mark Douglas had some technical difficulties but soon
overcame the snag. He played some great songs with
back-up from friends and his wife's nice harmony. 
I liked, "Reggae Shark."

Katina Corrao disarmed the audience with a casual,
 demure quality and soon had people cracking up.

Gregory Brothers, amused, entertained and
sang with some of the best harmonies I've heard in a while.

They performed an operatic trilogy entitled, 
"Where's Jeff Golblum?"

Nice Banjo Uke!

Thanks YouTube.

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