Thursday, February 12, 2015

EPSON'S Digital Couture Project #NYFW 2015

EPSON's Digital Couture Project #NYFW 2015
Featured the newest cutting edge fabric printing.
Celebrities Analeigh Tipton, Jessica Stroup and Lila Crawford
were joined by Sergio Arau, Julie Henderson and Cory Kennedy
for an exclusive presentation showcasing the perfect marriage
between fashion and technology, sponsored by EPSON.

Eleven selected designers from the Americas showcased
their collections created using EPSON'S new 'state of the art'
technology, digital dye sublimation printing.

A select group of Designers from around the world 
who are pioneers in digital sublimation printing included,
Pilar Bricenno from Colombia, Dual from Costa Rica,
Ay Not Dead from Argentina, Moah Saldanna from Peru,
Marco Antonio Farias from Chile, Ma. Elisa Guillen from Equador,
Pineda Covalin from Mexico, ESOSA from the US East Coast, 
Mariana Morrell from Brazil, Leonor Silva from Caribbean/Venezuela
and Maggy Barry from California.


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