Tuesday, July 22, 2014


BIG APPS NYC 2014 held it's annual competition 
that empowers the sharpest minds to solve NYC's toughest 
challenges through technology, data and collaboration.

Industry City, an iconic, historic and prominent collection
of classic warehouse structures, 274 36th street, Brooklyn, NY.

And the Winners are, HEAT SEEK NYC.
Their mission is to keep the heat on for New York City
residents during the coldest months of the year.


Through their innovative affordable approach they
created a scalable sensor network, that periodically transmits 
ambient temperature data securely via WiFi.
Using this data, they can automatically detect heating code 
violations in real time.

Heat Seek NYC empowers tenants and their advocates
to act on heating code violations in housing court.
By making Heat Seek NYC a common presence in apartments
across NYC, they aim to deter heating code violations altogether.


Ideal Coil's, Laurant Delly Founder, 

Price-Mars Delly, Co-Founder and Ms. Delly.

Jack's Slider's and Sushi was delicious!

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