Tuesday, August 6, 2013


The Golden Age of  MTV 
through Rose-Colored Glasses, by Kennedy.
Former Veejay of 90's MTV, reveals all, in a must read book.
The Reason TV correspondent held a book signing at Play, July 31, 2013.

"An irresistible story of sex, drugs and Rock and Roll,
that helps explain why the '90's were so goddamn great."
- Nick Gillespie -

Now looking very distinguished Kennedy was witty, eloquent,
political and irreverent. She held the floor like "a stand-up comedian"
with uproarious, approval of fans, friends and Media that came to the
book signing.

Lisa Kennedy Montgomery writes how she almost lost her virginity to
Michael Jordan, her escapades with Howard Stern, Dave Navarro 
and her feud with Courtney Love, just to name a few tidbits.

After a brief Q and A with the audience, Kennedy introduced
Scott Adsit, perhaps best known for his role in 30 Rock series.

Scott kibitzed with the audience and then read some hilarious pages 
of Kennedy's escapades on the Howard Stern show.

Scott Adsit is a great, character-stage actor and improv comic.

Kennedy then brought up her friend  and former Boss from MTV Andy Schuon.
It was concise story telling of their "up and down" relationship foibles. 
Shortly they adjourned for a toast, with the Ice cream cake.

Finally, a selfie with Kennedy.

"Pat" former Cameraman on the MTV show.

Bob Rosen was selling the Kennedy Chronicles, like hot-cakes.

Play, a new Restaurant at 1 East 27th street, NYC.