Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Carrie Keagan Launches Magnifico Giornata @ Beaumarchais

Magnifico Giornata hosted a grandiose launch at Beaumarchais.
The Essence collection was hosted by partner in the brand
and VH1's, Carrie Keagan.

Each of the essences were in ample supply for guests to sample,
including: Ginger Peche, Grapefruit Blanc and Lavender Honey.
In addition to passed hors d'oeuvers, a pairing table was arranged
so guests could taste small bites, specially created to compliment 
each of the essences.

Brasserie Beaumarchais, 409 W. 13th street, NYC. 

Bob Manfredonia, CEO Magnifico (L) and Ralph Gianella
partner Magnifico Giornata, attening the Launch, April 3, 2013.

There were three performances by burlesque troop Nuit Blanche,
known for their provocative performances and they did not disappoint. 

Michelle McGahan (L), The Hot Zone Celebrity news/entertainment
and colleague Arianne Miclat, PR/Marketing.

Suzanne Gianella (C) and friends.

Nuit Blanche Dancer

A Magnifico night for the editor.

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