Friday, August 3, 2012

Breast Auction - Bill Claps - Clifton Charles

Resource Magazine held, "Bosom Buddies: The Breast Auction Ever".
The Benefit event took place Monday, July 30, 2012 at Go Studios Penthouse, 318 W. 39th Street, NYC.

An auction of Henry Hargreaves 3-D Photographs Celebrating Breasts
for Breast Cancer.

In partnership with the Young Survival Coalition, Gotham Imaging
and Ilford Paper.

Adam Sherwin, Executive Producer of RETV addressing attendees.
Resource Magazine acts like a hub for photo industry content.

Yours truly, with Hargreaves photos.

Lori Cheek of and Photographer, William Coupon.

Adam Sherwin and Casey Kelbaugh at the auction. 

Elise Gannett and myself chatting about photography.

The "art buyers".

Barbara Bartalini and John Dunford.

Eddy Galore with installation artist, Bernd Naber and myself.

"Sum of the Parts"
On view August 1- August 15, 2012

Bill Claps at his reception, at 40 Exchange Place, 5th floor West Wing, NYC.


Designer, Clifton Charles and Henri.

Jennifer Liu and myself on her Rooftop Event for Clifton Charles.

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