Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ken Hiratsuka at the National Arts Club

Ken Hiratsuka's ROCK & PAPER

Original drawings and selected stone sculptures
are on view at the National Arts Club, until April 24th, 2012.
An important member of the Rivington School scene,
Ken Hiratsuka hailed from Japan, lived and worked in the East Village
for more than thirty years, before moving to Andes, New York.
A stone sculptor whose work is the realization of his philosophical concept,
"One line, it is one line that conects us all together".

Hiratsuka at work in his barn studio at Squid Farm in Andes, New York.

One line sphere.

A 1984 Hiratsuka carving on the North West corner of Broadway & Prince.
Photo courtesy of Hiratsuka.

Organic linear carvings which morph into geometric shapes.
Hiratsuka is known for his hieroglyphic, maze-like carvings in cities
and natural environments around the world.

The tools and medium of the artist.

Ken Hiratsuka with hammer & chisel.

Peek a boo Ken.

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