Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Water Tank Project

All photographs by David Barish

Mary Jordan unveiled her plans for the Water Tank Project.
She spoke to a receptive crowd of artists, celebrities and guests at the New Museum.
The project will enlist an international group of artists to create images, murals for water tanks throughout the city.

Mary Jordan speaking to a packed hall of artists and guests.

My photo of a water tank from the New Museum balcony.

Unknown photog snaps guests mingling on the balcony of the New Museum.

Michael Reilly (right) Supervising Producer of Water Tank Project.

 Nadine Bariteau created six huge plastic water bottles, a cardboard box and the plastic wrap.
A poignant statement on 'over packaging', she wheels her Object d' Art, in a Supermarket Kart.
Nadine Bariteau with her "sculptural statement".
Nadine Bariteau, Tora Lopez and Mary Jordan ( Water Tank Project).

Nadine Bariteau wheeling her Object d' Art on the balcony.

Calling attention to the importance of water, performance artists, Lisa Lazano, Tora Lopez and Daphne Park dressed the part of the water molecule, two Hydrogen and one Oxygen.

Performance Artists the H2 Ho's made an appaerance.

Lisa Lazano distributed drops
 of water from an eye dropper.

Celebrities came out to show support for Mary Jordan's Project, Marie-Monique Steckel President of the French Institute Alliance Francaise and her husband Ray Steckel were in attendance.
Marie-Monique and Ray Steckel

Coco Sumner, showed her support, entertaining, artists and guests with her original songs, at the New Museum's Party for the Water Tank Project.

David Barish congratulates Coco Sumner after her performance.
Visiting Danish artists enjoying the balcony.

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